Seminario científico-técnico: Viroids of hops

  • Ponente: Dr. Jernej Jakše (Department of Agronomy, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Lugar: Salón de Actos del IVIA
  • Fecha: Viernes 1 de febrero de 2019. 13:00 h.
  • Resumen:

Hop production is challenged by numerous diseases and pest, among them 4 viroid species can infect and propagate in hop plants. Recently, we identified and confirmed Citrus bark cracking viroid as most devastating viroid disease causing severe hop stunt disease. This new viroid in hops presented a challenge for farmers and authorities to prevent its spread and to eradicate infested plants, as well to develop a fast and reliable method for its detection. It also addressed new scientific challenges such is study of possible PTGS mechanisms of viroids, response of miRNA and protein coding genes in hops after infection and to search for possible genetic resistance in hop germplasm. Through these efforts to better understand the molecular mechanisms of the viroid diseases novel protection strategies could be initiated.

Imagen seminario Jernek Jakse